Hi all,

Yes, it's been a while since our last update.  The band had been busy with shows, summer vacations and plans for rehearsing the new songs, picking which ones would be recorded and recording the new music.  In late June, Sebastien left the band and a quick replacement had to be found for the remaining booked dates.  Our ex-bassist, Julian was nice enough to fill in.  We are still however on the hunt for a permanent bassist.  If interested, send us an email or contact us on our socials!

We are also looking into some new Merch in the next while.  If there is something you would like to have from the band, again, let us know.

Recording will start the first weekend in October.  We'll begin with demos which will be done again in the JamBarn Studio we recorded "Dusk Of Another Dawn" at.  It remains to be seen who will oversea the final recordings.  We are fielding out offers from other studios in the meantime.  That said, the plan is to complete the demos by end of December, begin the professional recordings in January with a Summertime release timeframe if all goes well.

We have a a couple other things on the go, but nothing worth mentioning at this time other than work to increase our online presence.  More details to come!


So, it's been a busy last few months so time for a quick update.  The band has written and rehearsed a number of songs.  we pushed back the demos to make sure they were ready.  We should be starting in early July.  We also played a couple of gigs still promoting DOAD.  We also have a few more shows coming up at  this point.  you can check them out in the SHOWS section.  Happy Canada day, all!


So as Winter season draws to a close, the fire has been burning hot in the Scarecrowz camp.  We have amassed a bunch of new songs.  The band will start demos next month.  We also booked the Rainbow as our first show this year here.  We also released a couple more cover songs on Youtube.  For all of these, please see the related tabs on our website.



Seasons greetings/Year End Review

Well, we survived yet another year of COVID.  We managed to finish and release our Dusk Of Another Dawn album in March.  Got back into the studio to resume rehearsals and auditions in June.  Hired our new drummer Aansen in August.  Performed shows again in October and November.  We've amounted an bunch of new song ideas of which we are about to embark on come the new year.  All in all, despite the circumstances, I would say we have persevered which has been the enternal message of  this band since day one.  We would like to take this opportunity to thanks our friends, families and you, the fans for helping us along this unending journey.  Happy holidays, stay safe and we will keep you abreast (as always) on our plans as they unfold in the new year.

Cheerz,Ger, Reno, Seb & Aansen

Scarecrowz next gig in two weeks!!
20th Anniversary Show

Due to a recent show cancellation at the club Scarecrowz Black Water Brigade and Dark Desire have stepped in the fill the rock and roll void. Scarecrowz will be celebrating their 20th anniversary (21 actually but whose Come join us for a night of rockin tunes!  $10 @ door or online at:


Dark Desire (9:00 - 9:45pm):


Black Water Brigade (10:00 - 10:45pm):

Scarecrowz (11:00 - 12:00AM):

Busy month update!!


Hey all, Just wanted to thank everyone for coming out Friday night. It was alot of fun. Special thanks to The Brass Monkey and Ottawa's Enforcer. Happy thanksgiving as well. Here's a fanclip:  We also released our 4th single, "Nightwalker" from "Dusk Of Another Dawn".  You can view in our Videoz section.


Happy Halloween, all!

Dusk of Another Dawn Album Release Party!


Finally! We get to celebrate the release of our latest album, "Dusk Of Another Dawn" and invited Enforcer and BWB along for the ride.

Please join us for an evening of Hard Rock/Metal.

Doors at 8pm, 10$ Cover.

Contact the Brass Monkey for more info: (613) 912-9210.

Scarecrowz (10:45pm–12:15am):

BWB (9:45pm–10:30pm):

Enforcer (9:00pm–9:30pm):

Breaking New - New Drummer!


Hey All,


We have concluded our drummer auditions and the lucky candidate is Aansen Harrison! He is a welcomed addition to the “Crowz family and looking forward to getting out and performing soon for you all. Have a great day.



Back in the studio... FINALLY!


The band resumed getting into the studio as COVID restrictions have eased.  We are currently rehearsing with a temp drummer for potential gigs later in the year and are working on new material for the next record.Enjoy your summer, all!

Band lineup change

Well, we're going to try something different over here at the Scarecrowz camp. Sebastien will be switching to bass guitar and we are now looking for a Heavy Dynamic Drummer.


Interested persons should contact us for an audition at our Facebook page or band email:





Alright, it's finally out now. DUSK OF ANOTHER DAWN is here to rock your weekend!! Enjoy!!



Hi all,


Our second single, “Skywalk” has just been released.  The new album, “Dusk of Another Dawn” will now be released in the new year due to COVID shutting down our studio earlier this year.  Just some gang vocals, mixing and Mastering left to do.  We will give everyone a heads up for release date soon.


The band is currently in talks to develop a new website.  The band has also signed on with DALYCE Entertainment to assist the group in promotions and bookings.

Our track, “Clever Pennies” from our Refuel album, made #1 on the Charts so big shout out to all who supported a track we never thought would be such a favourite.



Well, folks...that’s a wrap on the recording.  We just finished the new album.  The title “Dusk of Another Dawn” should see the light of day in the new year.  We’re onto mixing, mastering and then packaging/promotions.  We are also working on a documentary to coincide with the album’s release.


We signed a contact with Dalyce Entertainment in November to assist with Show bookings.  During Covid, this might prove tricky, but confident something will come of it by Spring 2021.


Auditions will also start in the new year so stayed tuned for more details on that subject.


Have a safe and happy holiday and hope to see you in 2021!


Ger, Reno & Seb



Hi all,

It just occurred to me that Scarecrowz hit a milestone the other day. What with all the Covid and head deep in recording, I missed the fact the band turned 20! It’s been quite the ride so far with all the ups and downs (just like life!). Looking forward to more years of rockin’ out with all of you and again, thanks to ALL of you for your support over the years.

Rock Hard, Ride Free


Scarecrowz - 20TH ANNIVERSARY.png

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